Singel (2019)

Jag skrev balladen “Free” tillsammans med Danne Attlerud och Thomas Thörnholm och gav ut den 2019. Den tog sig in på förstaplatsen på Vegatoppen direkt, där den till min stora glädje och stolthet stannade i över ett år!

Lyssna på “Free” på Spotify.


Time is looking through the mirror
sun reflecting in my lake
wind is talking through the willows
life is still a winding lane
Why,not ever was an option
how, was running through my veins
life would never be the same

Eager, like seagulls flying
never afraid of dying
the ocean breeze
embracing me
wherever bound,
I’ll be freeVerse

Know I’ll never be a stranger
home is always where I am
faith has been my guarding angel
time has made me understand
Why I’m one among my equals
how I’m part of something more
*there’s a home on every shore

Eager, like seagulls flying